Computer Privacy
Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. A safer computer may be one in a public library, at a community technology center (CTC) (national directory), a trusted friend’s house, a university computer lab, or an Internet café.



The Center for Healthy Relationships is a safe environment where you can find your voice and learn valuable coping and decision-making skills. We can help you explore your feelings about your relationship, examine power imbalances, learn techniques to reduce isolation, and protect yourself from emotional abuse.

Let our professional counselors help you.
For a confidential, telephone consultation call 862-250-0041.


Our Services
The Center for Healthy Relationships strives to meet the individual needs of each person. While group counseling is the primary form of support, individual and telephone counseling are also available depending on the person’s time and confidentiality requirements.

The brief individual counseling is usually once a week and focuses on identifying the dynamics in the relationship that are creating the feelings of distress.

Ongoing supportive group counseling is available for individuals who would like to continue to explore the relationship issues and get support from others in similar situations. Those in private counseling or therapy in the community can attend our support group to augment and reinforce their individual therapy goals.

Professional counselors lead the group and provide the individual counseling in several confidential locations within Morris County. There are no fees for services, but donations are accepted.