Computer Privacy
Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. A safer computer may be one in a public library, at a community technology center (CTC) (national directory), a trusted friend’s house, a university computer lab, or an Internet café.



The Center for Healthy Relationships is designed to meet the needs of educated, suburban women who report experiencing distress caused by a pattern of ongoing verbal criticisms and emotional assaults in their marriages or intimate relationships. Despite the appearance of a comfortable lifestyle, some people report feeling controlled by continual, severe legal and/or financial abuse, as well as relationship issues, such as power imbalance, jealousy, isolation, possessiveness and difficulty co-parenting with their spouses or partners.

The Center for Healthy Relationships is sponsored by JBWS, whose mission is the prevention of domestic violence. Sometimes the behaviors in an unhealthy relationship can escalate to include yelling, screaming and even physical violence. If you are concerned about your safety, help is available.

To learn more about the crisis support services, safe house, legal assistance, and children’s services available through JBWS, please visit or call the 24-hour confidential helpline at